June 20, 2017

we awake to another glorious morning in June. As I began my daily tasks I realize that there is no such thing as a lazy day. While I may not be busy, the world around me certainly is. Many people are involved in the hustle and bustle of earning a living, others are involved is pure survival.

The children are out of school enjoying what hopes to be a wonderful summer full of memories. Father’s Day has just passed, July 4 is coming soon and the weather pleasant as it may be now will turn hot as it should in summer. We in America have come to realize that although we are the home of the brave and the land of the free, we are not so free. We have given up many freedoms in the name of protection. The news is filled with stories of attacks on the sanity and liberty of the human race by those who wish to pervert their beliefs and force others to either live by them or die.

Extremists following any agenda are the cause not one religion versus another. One has to be careful when reading from their holy book to listen with their heart as well as their mind and not interpret the message to suit their needs.

There always be conflict between religions, nations, citizens of the world. How we deal with them and how we work to eliminate them is the message.

So on this day, work hard in your garden of life to sow the seeds of peace and harmony so that we all may enjoy another lazy day in June.

Toil in the Soil

I have found that the older I get the more I like to toil in the soil. After the winter at the beginning of spring I love to plant and watch my garden grow. This year I tried something different, I tried using an indoor greenhouse and started seedlings in my garage. I enjoyed so much going out each day and checking to see if the seeds had germinated and after two weeks of patiently waiting the first new sprouts pop their little heads up and said hello. Not every seed I planted germinated, that’s just like life. We continually plant seeds in order to reap a rich harvest, but some fall on Fallon soil and will not germinate. The key is to continue to plant, to water, to feed and nurture in order to reap a rich harvest.
Take care of your life as you care for your garden and ye shall reap a rich harvest.